About us

Our project sizes vary from the investigation of small housing estates through little and large govern-ment projects as administration buildings, sewage treatment plants and universities via bridges, rail-way or road constructions up to industrial complexes as x-large projects.
Of course the soil mechanical institute of our consultancy is approved and listed since decades accord-ing to the German Standard DIN 1054 and our head of institute is appointed by the Chamber of Engi-neers as responsible expert for soil mechanics and foundation engineering and moreover has the pub-lic appointment as independent sworn expert by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Three of our experts supply their long-term knowledge as college and university lectures.
The qualification of our team is always adapted to the particular task reaching from the technician and diploma degree up to the PhD and professor. Any in the course of a project possibly coming difficulty will be covered.
For the drilling, trial pit and stand-pipe construction works as well as for geoelectrical and chemical analyses in Germany and abroad we operate with long-term well known drilling companies, aiming cost wise the optimum. From those companies as well as from construction companies or any other parties we are independent and not holding any shares, but solely live from the fees of our clients, for which only in their interest we work.